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About The Cheetahs
 We are a Husband and Wife Team! Providing Professional DJ and Photography services. Specializing in Weddings, located in San Luis Obispo Ca. We believe in Quality over Quantity. We do not hire other DJ's or Photographers. You can feel secure that you are working with us, the Owners. This is our Passion and we refuse to risk our Good Cheetah reputation by sending someone out under our name. Your Wedding is too important to us and only we can to do it the Cheetah way.

We met in April 2000 and have been inseparable ever since. A mutual friend introduced us because of our Love for Cheetahs. I was a Fashion Design Graduate that was obsessed with all things Cheetah print. While Brian was the loud and very friendly DJ Cheetah.

We quickly bonded over our mutual love of music. Melrose in LA is one of our favorite spots it has the perfect mix of everything we love: Music, Fashion and Art. Melrose is so inspirational all the shops are so unique and art is everywhere you look. We had so much fun going from shop to shop buying unique outfits. We would also spend hours in the record stores digging through records trying to find that record we just couldn't live without.

After dating for 2 years Brian proposed on a hill called "The Top of the World" in Laguna Beach. On September 8th, 2002 we got married at the Hotel Laguna in Laguna Beach Ca.

In 2009 we moved to San Luis Obispo, the happiest City in America! We wanted to raise our children in a safe area. It was the best decision for our family, San Luis Obispo really is the best place to raise children.

Why the name Cheetah?  It is because of our mutual love for Cheetahs that we met, married, started our business together and had kids.

We will put our heart and soul into your wedding making your day special.  It is very rewarding to watch our clients began their love story. We are very hands on and treat all of our clients like family. We are best friends and soulmates making us the perfect team. Since true love is our thing, We chose to specialize in Weddings! 

We are so grateful to work together as a team, doing what we both Love so much.     


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Meet The Cheetah Family

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